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Image of: Salvelinus fontinalis (brook trout)

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  Smaller brown trout feed primarily on insects. The most important insects vary with the season but the bulk of them are mayflies, caddis flies, midges or terrestrial insects. Browns in smaller streams are also dependent on food washed from the banks. Small browns select an area for feeding in a drift and do not move from it until a predator is introduced. This foraging site is characterized by a good view of the drift near refuge sites such as deep water or complex structure. Small browns never feed immediately upstream of a larger fish. Large browns' diets are more diverse than that of younger browns. Smaller trout account for 80% of the large brown's diet. The remaining diet consists of large aquatic insects such as Hexagania and Brown Drake (Ephemera simulans) mayflies and larger species of caddisflies  Crustaceans, snails, amphibians, and food washed from the bank. Also, the feeding habits of large browns is primarily nocturnal. They eat whatever is in the immediate area, preferably about 4 inches from the stream's floor in riffles, pools, or eddies. In contrast to young browns, large brown trout do not sit and wait for food, they hunt it actively.


























































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