This day by far was the worst day of my life and as long as I live, I will never forget the moment, the place where I was, his wife's screaming voice when I got that call, I could feel the air come out of me, my worst fear turned into a reality, my mothers worse fear for me became a reality for me, every parents worst nightmare, I did not think I could or would live through this and that almost came to light, while here it is a few years later and I know for sure in my mind you could not fathom what happened in your wildest dreams the turn of events to come in the span from the day of Larry's Death to now! While I have been second guessing myself on how to write this for over the past six months now, I am still not sure how to present it to you so you will understand it, believe it, or some of you like my sister I will not mention be scared of it and wish she-

 never read it at all but I know she will for my sake, I myself never could have fathomed some of these events myself until it turned into a reality. I really hope that what I am about to say does not hurt anyone I know personally, I have an idea that what I I have decided to write may or will offend some, maybe more than

that, some really really close to me, as  I am not going to mention any names but they themselves will know who they are. I will how ever give them a chance to sound off if I get it wrong in their minds to correct me as I am sure they will.  {While I know what I am going to write it is going to take me a while to put it in writing-


I do not mean to make this a soap opera, but I will add to this as I can so you will have to bear with me,