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Geographic Range

Northern Pike are native to North America and Eurasia. They are found from Labrador west to Alaska, south to Pennsylvannia, Maine, Missouri and Nebraska.


Northern Pike are found in almost every type of freshwater, from cold deep lakes, to warm shallow ponds, to muddy rivers. Having a broad range of tolerances for water temperature, clarity and oxygen content allows the pike to be "one of the most adaptable freshwater species there is out there.

Northern pike average 46-51 cm (18-20 inches) in length. They can be identified by their single dorsal fin and light-colored spots along their dark body. They are also recognized by scales that cover their entire cheek and the upper half of their gill covers.

Food Habits

Northern Pike are a carnivorous fish. Equipped with sharp teeth and very complex skull and jaw structures they are predators of smaller fish, frogs, crayfish, small mammals and birds.


Northern Pike are aggressive, solitary fish. They are typically lurkers, but are able to attack quickly. Their eyes are highly movable and are able to see in practically any direction. This is extremely important in tracking their prey. Considered "sprint predators", Northern Pike hide in some type of cover, cocked in an "S" position, ready to strike.

Northern pike are considered random spawners not nest builders. Spawning occurs in the shallows when the water temperature reaches 4-7 degress Celsius (40-45 degrees Fahrenheit). Spawning lasts for 5 to 10 days after which the female leaves. Males remain in the spawning area for several weeks, but do not protect the eggs. At this stage the eggs are vulnerable to predators. The eggs that do survive hatch in about 2 weeks. With their insatiable eating habits young E. Northern Pike grow rapidly in both length and weight. Males become sexually mature at 2-3 years-old and females at 3-4 years-old.




































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