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                 The Classic Hula Popper or the Jitterbug

 One of my favorite lures that I have tied on to one of my poles when I go fishing is the Hula Popper, actually I carry two Black 5/8 ounce Poppers with me every time I go as some time them big bass they call Hawgs get lucky and snap my line and I lose one. I have more confidence in that lure bringing me the big one than any other lure I have used and I have used many.

If I get a little lazy or if I want to fish inside out, especially at night I will use my #2 or #3  top water lure the Jitterbug. It is also one of my top choices for a inexperienced fisherman as it will surly get them a hit if they get any where close to them with there cast.

Looking at a picture of one of my best friends Bill Green's 7.5 pound largemouth bass with that rubber worm hanging out of his mouth just did not seem to go with the rest of the photo, it is like a book without a proper ending, it is like, missing my black hula popper in its mouth. These plugs are bass pond classics, perfectly suited for dodging lily pads, or landing on them or over them, shooting a bit over with the cast and hitting land, a calculated twitch or two and your in the water, then thud, a hit, what a feeling.

Casting in close to lily pads, stumps, docks etc. and just a few twitches, a little pause to let the skirt bounce around a bit, as I would not use a top water without a skirt of some sort, nothing like it to keep the adrenalin surging, it is like playing a calculated game of nerves between you and the Bass. If your patient it is a game you will win. 

Back to Bill, after all  I now how he just hates it when I go fishing with him and winging that 5/8 popper of mine around with that precision accuracy of mine, I never really thought about it but I bet I have made over seven or eight thousand casts with a 5/8 popper on my line.

He is just plane is to slow pulling weeds and choking up his line with them little fish, not saying the big one's don't hit it on occasions, every one has a lucky day.

 But as they say aint going to catch that big one in less the hook is in the water and that is Bills moddo and his hobby is bass fishing.  I consider my approach to fishing for the record bass much more methodical and a lot more interesting, I  love  to hear that big thud when they hammer that popper, especially at night, the top water classic lure of lures. That happens quite a lot when I fish any where there is bass.

 I guess the Jitterbug could get the nod as well but the action is way to slow and drawn out for me, I can make that popper dance around them lily pads like Michel Jackson in the Billy Jean video and outcast any rubber worm 2 to 1, the jitterbug maybe 3 to 1 and have a heck of a lot more fun as well.

As to quote William's last famous words every time we go fishing together {one more cast} as he was putting me asleep with that stupid jitterbug at about one night in the morning while we were out late only to have a 6.5 pound Largemouth hammer that blurp, blurp, sound coming from that jitterbug, he was heaving off the shoreline fishing it in side out under overhanging trees, that sound I heard for days the blurping and the crash when that bass hit it, about drove me crazy. That was night fishing in the Cobbosseecontee Stream, Kennebec County Maine, one of the best Bass fishing Streams in the North East, located in Gardner Me. One of my favorite bass lakes is Moose Pond located in Denmark & Bridgton Me. I love to fish it late in the afternoon or at night. The Hawgs love the Hula popper or Jitterbug, my favorite color black, 5/8 ounce.

Larry T Fryeburg Me.