Cross of Calvary Hill necklace, wear the thoughts of Jesus to help guide us through this life

Witness wristband Bracelets.
Get a Grab bag of assorted Gods Charm Bracelets for only $10.00 and we can buid on some Faith every Day somewhere!

Christian "Colors of Faith" Salvation  wristband bracelets with word explanations on each of six colors

Red = Blood of Jesus,
 Black = Sin,
Blue = Repentance,
White = Purity,
Green = Growth,
Yellow = Heaven.

Christian Colors of Salvation Silicone Bracelets With Repentance
Truly a Gods Charm for all!

Faith Colors of Salvation Bracelet

"Always Say A Prayer"

ASAP Silicone Bracelets youth  green

"Fully Rely On God"

frog silicone bracelets green

"God Offers Love Forever"

jewelry Golf Silicone Golf Bracelets

"Pray Until Something Happens"

1148 PUSH Silicone Bracelet


A great gift for everyone,,   Wear the thoughts of Jesus to help guide us through this  life

GodsCharm Calvery Cross

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When it comes to Jewelry you must know what your getting, compare the specs and the pricing..

 14k Satin & Diamond-cut Dove Charm

Price $76.00    Style C5355
14 k Satin & Diamond cut Dovee
Avg weiight 0.68g
Country of Origin United Statess
Material primary  Gold  Color yelloww
Material - Purity  14k   Type pendantt
Charm length  25 mm  Width  15 mmm


Price $54.00   Style 10C6266
10 K Dove Charm            25% OFFF
Avg weight   0.56 gmm
Country of origin United Statess
Material primary Gold  Color Yelloww
Material - Purity  10K  Type Pendantt
Charm length 25 mm  Width 16 mmm

Sterling Silver Holy Spirit Cross with Dove Charm

Sterling Silver Holy Spirit Cross with Dove Charm  Price  $39.00
Country of origin   United Statess
Material Primary Sterling Silver color whitee
Material Primary - Purity   9255
Jewelry type Pendant / Charmm
Charm Length   23 mmm
Charm Width   14 mmm
10% offf
Pricing will be up soon on items below, or call 877-846-5687 for pricing and ordering.
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K58099 K11899 D8288 QC33388 Qc19977
C43111 QC19166 Omegaa M13822 QC33322
QXR1055 QXR1155 NAR25(1)) R17877 TB11DTB11D

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              Sterling Silver .8mm Box Chain